We work together with a big number of forwarding companies and we are ready to provide the following delivery options worldwide:

  • Motor transportation. Trucking is very functional and fast transportation option from door-to-door. We use semitrailer trucks with loading capacity of 20 mt.
  • Railway transportation. Our private railway approach line gives us an advantage and considerably facilitates graphite loading into the open box wagons and dispatching to the buyer.
  • Sea transportation. International container shipping by sea is often included into multimodal transportation, in complex with another means of transport. This type of forwarding is effective when intercontinental delivery is required.

We can provide combined transportation services, if needed. Motor transportation by trucks can be supplemented by railway and sea transport. Usually multimodal forwarding is applied to deliver large volumes of products for long distances.


  • Big bags (FIBC). A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), or big bag, is an industrial container designed for storing and transporting dry flowing products. We use 2 or 4-straps laminated big bags; volume capacity of one big bag is about 1000 kg.
  • Paper bags
  • Pallets

Also big bags can be packed in shrinkable wrap as extra measure for graphite protection.

Freight Insurance

Any graphite shipment can be secured by the insurance company, as buyer’s option.